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Are E-Cigarettes a Healthy Way to Quit Smoking?

A good number of former smokers have said that vaping has helped them quit smoking, but critics argue that e-cigarettes are just a gateway to smoking. The science on whether e-cigs help people quit nicotine for good is also varied. On this interesting article, experts in different areas give their varied opinions on whether e-cigarettes are a healthy way to quit smoking.

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Controversy increases as regulartion of e-cigarettes nears

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is planning to begin regulating electronic cigarettes this summer. This plan has sparked a renewed debate over tobacco “harm reduction.” The idea is that some smokers can’t or won’t quit, even if they want to. By replacing their cigarettes with e-cigarettes — which deliver nicotine but eliminate carbon monoxide, tar, and other toxic chemicals found in tobacco smoke — they’ll be better off, and so will the public.

It would be in the same ballpark as being addicted to caffeine. I’m not saying e-cigarettes are as harmless as coffee. But the harm isn’t such a disaster as death from smoking.”

Jonathan Foulds, professor of public health and psychiatry at Pennsylvania State University, states.

FDA’s fear is that e-cigarettes could reinforce smoking, and also could be a gateway to regular cigarettes for young people who wouldn’t otherwise get hooked.

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