As usual, the vaping world has been full of activity. These are the top stories from the past week.

E-Cig Ban Poses Smoking Danger, Says Expert

banning e-cigs

Michael Clapper, chairman of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association has said banning e-cigs is an extremely short-sighted move. Smokers, who have given up a dangerous tobacco habit may now be at the risk of going back to smoking due to the increasing ban on smoking e-cigarettes.

We couldn’t agree more. Thank you, Michael.

Read the full story on Sky News.

Time for common sense e-cigarette regulations

41 states in the United States have passed laws that ban the sales of e-cigarettes to minors. This would be fine, except e-cigarettes are being clubbed with other harmful tobacco products. The law makers are fearful of more kids taking up smoking if they have easy access to e-cigs. Hmmm… we think people who want to smoke will smoke anyway.

e-cig legislation

This is a great article that says yes, ok regulation is fine but may be it’s time to take a step back and use some common sense when legislating the vape industry.

Read the full story on The Washington Times.

Those are the top stories from this week. We’ll be back with more next week. Keep vaping!