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Report Attacking E-Cigarette Advocates Is Riddled With Factual Errors

A paper by Stanford Research accusing e-cig advocates of manipulating advertising and having close ties to the vaping industry has come under fire for factual errors. The paper, which was published in the British Medical Journal, accuses e-cig advocates NOT Blowing Smoke of altering anti-tobacco advertisements from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to promote e-cigarettes. The Stanford team also claims that NOT Blowing Smoke has “close ties to the e-cigarette industry” and was founded by “four creators, including an e-cigarette company marketing manager (Apollo) and vape store employees.”

But these claims are coming under scrutiny after the president of Not Blowing Smoke Stefan Didak contradicted the paper’s assertions.

I was completely confused by this research. Two of our three board members have no affiliation with the vaping industry and none of our team members work in a vape store. Stanford’s research team clearly missed a few things in their review, most importantly that we didn’t create any sort of counter-campaign to CDC.

Didak said.

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Ban on smoking e-cigarettes at London Midland stations starts

Passengers at London Midland train stations throughout Warwickshire are now banned from using e-cigarettes. The ban covers stations such as Nuneaton, Bedworth, Atherstone, Stratford, Stratford Parkway and Kenilworth, as well as the trains running from those stations. London Midland runs 147 stations across the country. The staff are also now barred from using e-cigarettes at the company’s offices and depots.

We are falling in line with a lot of other organisations. We have had a lot of feedback from staff and customers who say that both traditional and non-traditional smoking should be barred, and we are going ahead with this.

A spokesman for London Midland said.

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