Life in the vaping world is always taking a twisting turn. After a mad rush by lawmakers around the world to impose e-cig legislation, a good number are now rethinking this move. But why is that so? Let’s find out in this week’s update.


Up in Smoke: City Drops Pursuit of E-cigarette Ban

Black River Falls has decided not to ban smoking e-cigarettes indoors. Alderperson Tony Chojnacki earlier this year raised the idea of adding e-cigarettes to the indoor smoking ban, saying he supported the electronic devices being treated the same as regular tobacco cigarettes in the local ordinance. The city council discussed the proposed e-cig legislation last week but decided not to do anything about it until the matter is brought up again. Crossing our fingers that no one does :).

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Epic E-Cigarette Debate – Gotta Love The Welsh

Some, if not most, lawmakers are insisting on passing e-cig legislation without proper understanding of how e-cigarettes work and what their effects, positive or otherwise, are. This is interestingly not the case with the Welsh. A member of the Wales National Assembly, Kirsty Williams, is strongly opposed to e-cig bans saying there is no good reason to treat them like traditional cigarettes.

There is no justification for such a ban, no evidence to support such a ban and indeed such a ban could lead to potential improvements in public health being lost.

Williams said while debating in the Senedd.

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