As expected FDA harsh e-cig regulations have raised tempers and vapers in America are not taking this lying down. Vapers and vape entrepreneurs are now turning to activism to voice their concerns about these draconian e-cig regulations. Let’s take a look at this and other news that made headlines this week

Harsh Regulations Have Turned Vapers into Activists

As the ongoing vape debate continues vape activists have come up to protest the deeming e-cig regulations. Vapers and vape businesses alike have now turned to activism as a way to voice their concerns and lobby for better vape legislation. An article published this week by Motherboard features one such activist.

Cheryl Richter, managed to quit smoking after smoking a pack of traditional cigarettes a day for 30 years after she started vaping. She then took her love for vaping and turned it into a business. She now co-owns a retail shop in Port Chester, New York, called Vape Den, as well as runs a wholesale online business with her friend and business partner Chris Mikovits.

After the new FDA vape regulations, Richter said that every e-liquid she makes and sells, every flavor, size, and nicotine level in her shop would need to be approved for sale. This means approving 75 flavors at six different milligram levels, with cost estimates ranging from hundreds of thousands to over $1 million per application. She doubts her business will survive the costly proposed measures. Richter has turned to advocacy and she and other members of the vaping community, meet at her shop, to discuss a way forward.

We feel vulnerable almost, we feel that we’re in a fight, so that kind of bonds the community as well.

Richter said.

Read the rest of her story on Motherboard.

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Vaping Lawsuits Against The FDA Piling Up

Vaping lawsuits against the FDA are piling up and many more companies and groups are expected to join existing lawsuits or launch more of their own lawsuits. Nicopure was the first company to file a suit against the FDA new e-cig regulations. Nicopure is the maker of the famous Halo eCig vape juice and eVo e-liquid lines. The lawsuit asserts that the the FDA is failing in how they are defining tobacco products. The company also claims that the new law has arbitrary elements and do not properly account for the burdens of businesses imposed by the pre-market approval process required.

The second company to file suit John Middleton Co. who want to use the word “mild” in describing their products. The FDA claims that the word mild implies a modified risk while the company claims that mild is more of an indicator of flavor. There many other companies with suits in court. Read about them on Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews.