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The Future of Vaping

The on-going e-cigarette regulations have thrown vaping into a confusing state and its future seems bleak. Many people predict that proposed FDA e-cigarette regulation could lead to the death of vaping all together. But is this the case? Are the unanimously-grim predictions for the future of the industry going to come to pass, or is there a way to change things? Can we save vaping?

With help from seven prominent advocates and vapers, Black Note delved into the issues that are responsible for this dark cloud hanging over the future of vaping, aiming to determine whether the predictions will really come to pass.

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e-cigarette regulation

Park service bans e-cigarettes in some areas

The National Park Service has passed an e-cigarette regulation that will see the use of electronic-smoking devices such as e-cigarettes immediately prohibited “in all places where tobacco smoking is prohibited in national parks,”. The directive was announced by the NPS Director Jonathan B. Jarvis in a news release. The new prohibition on the use of electronic cigarettes includes interior spaces, vehicles and within 25 feet of any entrances or exits the public uses at those parks, under the policy.

The National Park Service is acting out of an abundance of caution in light of current scientific findings and uncertainty to date on long-term effects from the use of electronic nicotine delivery systems.

Park Service spokesman Jeremy Barnum wrote in an email.

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