Greetings vapers! The week is a wrap in our vaping world. As promised here is this week’s update.

E-Cigarettes a Gateway to Smoking? Not Likely, Suggests New UK Study

Contrary to claims that have been made by some health officials and legislators, E-cigarettes are not going to make non-smokers start smoking. According to a new e-cigarette study by UK’s Office for National Statistics, those who use e-cigarettes, are almost entirely current or former smokers. Due to this fact the number of smokers had gone down to 19% in 2013. Data collected between January and March 2014 showed that there was barely any non-smoker vaping.

Balanced and effective regulation of e-cigarettes will help manage the risks and maximize the potential for these products to replace smoking – greatly reducing smoking related disease that kills nearly 80,000 people in England every year.

Prof Kevin Fenton, National Director of Health and Wellbeing at Public Health England said.



See the full report on BBC News.

Vaping Industry in Tough Fight over E-Cigarette Bans

The American Vaping Association (AVA) is working round the clock to fight e-cigarette bans that have now been effected in quite a number of cities. Recently, the group spoke out last week against proposed legislation in Madison, Wisconsin, to add e-cigarettes to its existing smoking ban.

It is especially cruel to ban vaping in a city known for its frigid temperatures. For many smokers, the ability to stay out of the cold acts as a powerful incentive to give up cigarettes and switch to vaping.

AVA President Gregory Conley said.

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