Happy New Year vapers! We hope your 2015 has began well. This week came with some good news for the vaping world. A recent study in London revealed that it could be easier to quit smoking if you are using e-cigarettes. We also received news that E-cigarette sales soared in 2014 to become the UK’s fastest growing supermarket product. Here are the updates.

Study: Smokers Using E-cigarettes may Have Easier Time Quitting

A recent study conducted in London showed that it could be easier for smokers using e-cigarettes to quit smoking as compared to those who don’t vape. Researchers collected data from 650 smokers and out of the 650 subjects, 10% of those who vape had managed to quit smoking in a year. The study also revealed that a further 36% of the vapers were able to cut smoking traditional cigarettes in half.

This is good news right? Read more on the study on WPRI 12 Eyewitness News.

E-cigarette Sales Soar by 50% in 2014 to Become Fastest Growing Supermarket Product


In more good news, e-cigarettes sales soared in 2014 making it the fastest growing supermarket product in UK. Data collected by  Nielsen, a research firm, revealed that sales of e-cigs increased by 49.5% in the past 12 months from 43.4% in 2013. According to the firm, 17.3 million devices were sold in 2014. The increase in vaping saw sales of other nicotine replacement products, such as patches and gum, drop by 6.1%.

Here’s the rest of the story on International Business Times.