Hello vaping world! This week we had some interesting headlines, check them out here.

E-cigs might be sold to jail inmates

Sheriff Ray Dudley is considering making e-cigs available to inmates in the Delaware County jail. Dudley stated that e-cigs are in use in other Indiana county jails and could help with inmate behavior problems.

“We’re inquiring into the possible use of vape cigarettes in the jail, we want to see if it’s feasible. We would use it as a tool to help with anger issues.”

Dudley stated.

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San Jose State tobacco, vaping ban takes effect

Effective Aug. 1 2015, all tobacco products and e-cigs were banned at San Jose State University following years of designing a comprehensive smoking policy. The e-cigarette ban is having the greatest impact on SJSU students. Last year, e-cig use skyrocketed among the students and it was common to see students vaping in and around campus.


Banners and signs declare the campus free of tobacco at San Jose State University in San Jose, Calif., on Friday, Aug. 21, 2015. (Jim Gensheimer/Bay Area News Group)

E-cigarettes are becoming a whole lot more popular, and there is a pretty common misconception that they are healthier. A lot of people think it’s cool to walk around with them, but in reality they are putting chemicals into the air that could be hurting other people.

Said Mykel Jeffrey, a senior majoring in political science.

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