Hello vapers! Today we’ve rounded up the most interesting abouts these week touching on the weighty issue of ecigarette ban. Read on.

Wisconsin Lawmaker Wants E-Cigarette Ban Without Knowing Health effects

State Rep. Debra Kolste has introduced a law adding e-cigarettes to the Wisconsin’s indoor smoking ban and will see an ecigarette ban enforced if the legislation is passed. Kolste has however, admitted she doesn’t know if using e-cigarettes causes any health problems but she still wants ecigarettes banned.

There’s no research to tell us whether it’s safe or not. There is no research that says these e-cigs are safe. It would be wrong to take a step back.

Kolste told the Janesville Gazette.

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E-cigarette campaign denounced as propaganda

ecigarette ban

California public health officials have launched an ‘information campaign’ that they hope will curb the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes. But some people such as Gregory Conley, president of American Vaping Association, which advocates for small- and medium-sized vaping and electronic cigarette businesses believe the campaign is not providing ‘information’.

This campaign is nothing more than propaganda, with state bureaucrats more concerned with tax revenues than helping 3.6 million Californians quit smoking.

Said Conley.

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