If you’re reading this, you probably have someone in your life who is addicted to tobacco. You wish they would wake up one day and ditch the fatal stick.

Convincing them to give up smoking cold turkey can be a lot to ask for. So, here is our guide on how to help someone quit smoking by introducing them to vaping instead.

Smokers ‘Love’ Their Cigs…

‘I loooove cigarettes’ or ‘I’m really stressed out right now’, some will say.

Others love the guilty pleasure of doing what they know too well they aren’t supposed to be doing but just doing it anyway. There are also those who love how exhilarating, reckless, and debauch it makes them feel.

‘I love smoking whenever something bad happens. I love smoking whenever something good has happened,’ ‘I love the relaxation and calm it brings my head, my nerves.’ These are some common comments you’ll hear. It doesn’t end there.

help someone quit smoking

There are others who love a smoke after sex, ‘best feeling ever’ you’ll hear them say. Another friend confided how dirty they find ‘sexy smoking’: just the subtle experience of someone holding a cig up for you before they light it,


Is there an Elixir?

One thing every smoker will admit though – they hate the idea of cigarettes controlling them. They hate the lies  they tell themselves about how cool and necessary cigarettes are. They hate that they can’t stop smoking!

What if, what if someone told you there was a way to get through the merry-go-round? Hard to believe, I know. Not after decades of trying the patches, the nicorette, the hypnosis, yoga or acupuncture even, probably going cold turkey.

Well, take note, there is a new word in town: vaping.

Can it really Work?

Let your beloved smoker know what vaping is and what it entails before you introduce it. Quitting smoking is better if it comes from within. That way, they’ll be more dedicated.

The web is a hive of information about everything vaping, and you’ll encounter a buzzing community eager to share personal first time vaping experiences and more. You will know how safe vaping is, its side effects and any associated risks, not to mention the Big Q – is it a healthier, effective substitute for smoking?

One thing you will learn is that vaping does involve nicotine (how could it not?), and a good dose of it if you prefer. Well, this is a topic that warrants volumes of books but just to let you in on some of the basics…

help someone quit smoking

What is Vaping?

For starters, vaping refers to three totally different products, or two technically speaking. There’s one that resembles your regular cigarette, and this is perhaps one you’ve heard about whenever the topic of electronic cigarettes has come up. They may be popular but a good chunk of smokers turned vapers don’t fancy them.

They opt for another type that is known in these circles as ‘vape pens’ or ‘personal vaporizers’ (PVs). These are slick gadgets that allow one to regulate the amount of nicotine level they desire. The nicotine is housed in the cartridge and comes in form of a liquid better known as ‘e-liquid’, ‘e-juice’, or simply ‘juice’.

With time, you can step down the nicotine level to zero (e-liquids vary in concentration). In fact, the less nicotine present, the tastier the juice (high nicotine screws up the flavor).

Speaking of taste…Even adults love tasty things, and despite what pundits may say, these kid-friendly flavors (e.g. blueberry, watermelon) are in no way targeted at children.

The other type of e-cigs is the advanced personal vaporizer, aka mechanical mods, or just mechs or mods. These are advanced versions of vape pens but it’s not until you are a vaping vet that you will pass for one of these.

Can Vaping Help you Quit Smoking?

To put it simply, yes, it can.

As the vaping movement continues to gain momentum (it’s already a multi-billion dollar industry) even mainstream publications are being forced to admit that there is some evidence of electronic cigarettes being an effective substitute for smoking.

I’ll let the evidence speak for itself.

help someone quit smoking

How to Approach your Smoker

Follow these simple steps when introducing the smoker to vaping:

  • Express concern over their smoking
  • Mention that you’ve heard of this awesome way many claim to have used to quit the tobacco habit.
  • Learn about vape gear and e-liquid
  • Fetch the vape gear and do a demo (if you’re a vaper yourself)
  • Hit the home run!

Do a Victory Dance

Quitting smoking is entirely up to the smoker. Every smoker has their own story to tell. The thing with vaping, though, is that many seem to give it a thumbs-up on being the most effective of the lot.

It has changed the lives of many and by opting to follow in the footsteps of the true and tested, you just helped a loved one quit smoking for vaping!

Tell us: did you use vaping to quit smoking? Do you know someone who did? We’d love to hear more about it.