Hey guys, the week has been fantastic and so has been the news. Despite numerous e-cigarette regulations around the world, vaping is still getting popular. So let’s read more about it!

Vaporizers: Most Used Alternative for Those Who Want to Quit Smoking

According to statistics provided by senior tobacco and beverage analyst, Bonnie Herzon, of Wells Fargo Securities, in 2013 the e-cigarette industry made $1.7 billion. In 2015, this income doubled and now stands at a whooping $3.5 billion dollars. Electronic cigarettes started getting popular in 2004 and have been increasing in popularity as the preferred alternative to quit smoking. The act of smoking e-cigarettes is referred to as vaping. This is done through inhalation of water vapor. A vaporizer/e-cigarette creates the vapor as its battery heats the liquid, turning it to an inhalable vapor.

Consumer awareness are encouraged in every vaping product plus vaping technology has been innovated over these years.

Greg Conley, the President of American Vaping Association said.

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The Vapor Dynasty Expo Proves the Vape Culture is Here to Stay

E-cigarettes have continued to gain popularity among people who want to quit smoking thanks to their healthier-than-cigarettes benefits, various flavors and because they are said to be easy on the lungs. The  popular Electronic Cigarette and Vapor Dynasty Expo, that was held last year for the first time, is back this year, and is expected to be bigger and better, thanks to vape culture that’s finally catching on. The expo will be held at the Phoenix Convention Center from October 16 to October 18th. The event will feature 50,000-plus square feet of vaping paradise.

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