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Can we please stop being so overdramatic about e-cigarettes?

Hilary Wardle calls for some calm.

She says far too many articles have hit the panic button but not enough facts are being shared. Can e-cigarettes really encourage teenagers to smoke any more than normal? She shares her opinion and backs it up with facts from a study by the ASH.

Read her interesting argument in favour of e-cigs and the full article on Huffington Post.

San Diego approves e-cig regulations

SD City Council approves e-cig regulations. Image via 10News

Vapor inhalers/ e-cigarettes in San Diego will now be regulated the same as tobacco products, thanks to the final approval of an ordinance by the San Diego City Council. Sales of vape products will become more prohibitive as a result of this regulation.

Read the full news article on 10News.

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