Hello world! Here’s a round up of the vaping news that made it to the headlines this week.

Vaping isn’t the same as tobacco and shouldn’t be treated as such

New data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed that vapor products such as e-cigarettes are contributing to the reduction in the number tobacco smokers. Scientific research also reveals that vapor products are considered a minimum of 95 percent less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes, and do not present a risk of exposure to the toxic combustion compounds found in those cigarettes. With such facts it is thus appalling that vaping opponents are still equating vaping to smoking tobacco and calling for its ban.

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E-cig packaging restrictions become law

A new state law mandating child-resistant packaging and warning labels on liquids used with electronic cigarettes and vaporizers has been effected. Gov. Pat McCrory signed Senate Bill 286 into law on July 8. This new law bans the sale of any e-liquid product without the packaging and warning labels. Violators will face a Class A1 misdemeanor charge. The aim of this regulation is to make it “significantly difficult” for those under the age of 5 to open an e-liquid capsule.

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