Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Whenever it comes to any given topic, some arguments are factual, others misinformed, some overly positive, while others are just downright stupid. When it comes to vaping, this is no different.

 From your vaping experience, there are no doubt things about vaping you have heard or seen that make you cringe at the mere mention or thought of them.

1. E-juice is made to attract children

Really antz? I’m not sure about you but when I have a product to sell, I guarantee you five-year-olds will not be the first buyers on my target list.

2. Nicotine juice is very harmful

There has been this notion flying around that suggests e-liquid is poisonous. The embers to this fire were fueled the more following an article on the New York Times that said e-juice was just a poison by the barrel. What they forgot to mention though was e-liquid is not manufactured for drinking purposes, nor is it a topical oil. The only cases of poisoning through ingestion have been reported in kids. And you don’t need to be a mother-of-four to know that when left to their own devices, kids can eat anything – poo included.

3. Vaping is worse than smoking because I heard it on the news

Let’s not even get started on that ‘Many studies have shown…’ line.

4. Vapers smell no different than smokers

Even after doing your custard and berry flavor juice…Well, that’s probably your body odor, and you need to deal with it.

things about vaping

5. You need to give up electronic cigarettes and opt for nic gum and patches

I can write you an essay and get you a dozen handbooks on why those options don’t work.

6. Exhaled vapor is just as harmful as second hand smoke

It is?! Abandon ship! No one has any idea on the effects of second-hand vapor and we are all going to perish!

7. The vape community is up in arms against regulation

There are those who feel strongly so, and to a certain degree, they are damn right. Heavy legislation and regulation like some being proposed could be the death knell of a booming, free market. However, let it not be forgotten that a host of industry players have been awaiting regulation for years. These established vape shops believe in the codes of good business and want below-par competition to get a good kick in the butt.

8. You can get poisoning through inhalation


Look bro, any activity done in excess can be nauseous. This includes oversleeping, excessive jogging, and eating fruits. And oh, vaping isn’t going to give you pneumonia.

And for the Vapers out there…

 Cut the superiority complex BS. Your gear may be better than mine, and that’s the best thing to happen to mankind.

  1. If your juice isn’t working for you, get a stronger one and quit the whining.
  2. Not everyone is down with cloud-chasing and sub-ohming. I’m beside myself that you dig it.

What other things about vaping make you cringe? It could be something non-vapers say or even something a fellow vaper does. We would love to add to the list.