As the FDA sets its claws on the vaping industry by requiring e-liquid manufacturers to list all ingredients on packaging labels, a study has just revealed that most smokers have no idea what ingredients are in traditional cigarettes. Don’t you think this is something the FDA should focus on? Read on to find out more on the study.

What Are You Smoking? Study Suggests You Have No Clue

According to a new study in BMC Public Health, apart from nicotine and tobacco, most smokers have no idea what’s in the traditional cigarettes that they smoke. Traditional cigarettes smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals and at least 400 of these are toxic and 43 of them are known to cause cancer. Besides nicotine and the tar, cigarette smoke also contains carbon monoxide and formaldehyde, as well as cyanide and arsenic.

The telephone survey of 5,014 U.S. smokers revealed that most of them had no idea what was in their cigarettes. Nearly one third of the participants had spent some time trying to find this information, but couldn’t because the information was not easily available on the package or online.

The majority of the U.S. public wants easy access to information about chemicals in traditional cigarettes and other tobacco products. Young adults and smokers were more likely to say that they had previously looked for this information.

Said co-author Marcella Boynton of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, in a press statement.

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Public ban on e-cigs could stop smokers quitting, say experts

Health officials are afraid that banning e-cigarettes in public spaces could be damaging. Public Health England (PHE) expressed this fear after a medic at the British Medical Association’s annual meeting in Belfast called for restrictions on places where e-cigarettes could be used in public. If such a policy was in place, it may put off smokers from using e-cigarettes to help them quit, the PHE said.

Vaping is not the same as smoking. Second-hand smoke is harmful, but there is no evidence that e-cigarette vapour carries the same harms. In fact, a ban on using e-cigarettes in public places could be damaging as it may put off smokers from using e-cigarettes to help them quit.

Rosanna O’Connor, director of drugs, alcohol and tobacco at PHE said.

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