Another week is here and it has been a rather interesting one among vapers especially those in the UK. It’s the week that saw UK run it’s first vaping ad on TV. So let’s see how the week went.

Watch: UK’s first ever ecigarette advert to show vaping on TV

Now while advertising e-cigarettes is not illegal, showing the device itself or someone vaping wasn’t legal in the UK until a recent change in advertising rules. The only advertising restriction now is that the adverts should not show tobacco in positive light which is highly unlikely considering e-cigs and conventional cigarettes are competitors. VIP did not waste any time after the advertising rules were reviewed. Now they have the first ever vaping advert showing a vape and a woman vaping.

Here’s is the VIP’s advert. Let us know what you think!


[youtube id=”8N5aiVog-jQ” width=”620″ height=”360″]

You can read more about the advert on City A.M.

E-Research Foundation Creates the Ultimate Resource on Ecig Data




There is a lot of information floating all over the internet and in traditional media. It is practically impossible to tell what is true and what is not. Thankfully that may not be an issue for long because  the E-Research Foundation now dedicating it’s time to compile, promote, and even fund scientific research about electronic cigarettes. The foundation has also created a new website where you can find all the information collected in the best available ecig studies.

This kind of information will especially be highly beneficial to legislators who are passing bills regulating ecigs without proper information. Let’s hope they will take advantage of this resource. Here’s more info about E-Research Foundation on