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Equating ‘vaping’ and smoking is a mistake (OPINION)

James Owens the president of the Oregon chapter of Log Cabin Republicans has rebuked the Oregon House Bill 2546 that equates e-cigarette vapor to secondhand smoke. The bill, if passed will expand the Oregon Indoor Clean Air Act (ICAA), which prohibits smoking in most indoor workplaces, to include a ban on e-cigarettes and other vaping products. Owens defended e-cigarettes by stating that they don’t produce smoke and that there is little, if any, good evidence that exposure to e-cigarette vapor is harmful to bystanders.

E-cigarette aerosol does contain traces of chemical toxins, but the trace amounts emitted from the device are well below the levels that might be considered harmful to bystanders.

Owens states.

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If we get the decision on e-cigarettes wrong it could cost many lives


North East Ukip Euro MP Jonathan Arnott has asked the European Union to reconsider banning e-cigarettes as this would lead to loss of thousands of lives. The MP says that the European Union is concerned that e-cigarettes will become a gateway to smoking, but this seems to be an exaggarated concern. He says he doesn’t object the right regulation such as to inform people about the health risks, to minimise those health risks, to avoid glamourising e-cigarettes to teenagers, and to have reasonable common standards to provide consumer confidence.

My concern is when a legislation that would stop people moving from cigarettes to e-cigarettes is proposed, there is a serious danger that tens of thousands of lives would be lost as a result.

The MP says.

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