Hello vaping family. Another week is over and we saw some interesting vaping news make headlines this week. Check them out!

E-cigarette industry trade guidelines published

Vaping guidelines have been published by BSI, the business standards company, in collaboration with the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA). The guide is entitled “PAS 54115 Vaping products, including electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, e-shisha and directly-related products – Manufacture, importation, testing and labelling- Guide”.

Vaping is fast becoming the alternative to the harmful practice of smoking. Therefore any vaping product which is a substitute to smoking and works by being ingested, has to be safe. It is essential that vaping guidelines such as PAS 54115 exist to establish this. It not only provides reassurance to regulators, it ensures that product safety and quality is maintained across batches and can be reliably demonstrated with documentary evidence.

Anne Hayes, Head of Market Development for Governance and Risk at BSI, said.

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New FDA e-cigarette regulations could threaten local businesses

Proposed new regulations by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in regards to nicotine juices for electronic cigarettes are a great concern to local businesses because they could affect their sales. Most e-cig business owners believe that while some regulation is necessary, over-regulation by the federal government could hurt the market and drive smaller shops out of business. The FDA is expected to complete the new rules by the end of September. The new regulations will require federal approval for all e-cig devices and flavored nicotine juices sold in vapor shops.

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