Vaping tax is a hot topic that leaves every vape enthusiast with a bad taste. A good number of states have managed to enforce vaping tax rules affecting business. We have this and more news for you today. Read on!

Vermont Is Considering a 92 Percent Vaping Tax to Protect the Children

A bill has been proposed in Vermont that could nearly double the cost of e-cigarettes in the state, making it one of the steepest vaping taxes in the country. The bill was brought up by Representative George Till (D) and if passed, will lump e-cigarettes, as well as vape pens, mods, e-liquids, and even nicotine-free e-juice, under the state’s tobacco tax laws. The proposed 92 percent vaping tax will put it at one of the highest in the US. The highest vaping tax is currently in Minnesota at 95 percent.

Legislators claim to be greatly concerned with the growing popularity of vaping among teens and young adults, posing this as the reason for such vaping tax proposals. According to the state’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey, in 2015, 30 percent of Vermont high schoolers reported trying e-cigarettes, compared to 21 percent who reported smoking cigarettes.

Frankly, the numbers are pretty frightening. When 30 percent of your high school students are trying these things, it seems pretty obvious we have a problem.

Rep. Till said when he introduced the bill.

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Cigarette Companies Try To Change Vaping

Big Tobacco is moving into the actual vaping territory after introducing its first big vaping product that is set to hit the public this month. Philip Morris and Japan Tobacco are expected to roll out their vaping tobacco kits this spring. Both companies claim the kits would have been released earlier but they are facing shipping difficulties.

The entry of tobacco companies in the vaping world through manufacturing and selling of vaping products means they are embracing vaping for their own needs, rather than trying to destroy it. The companies are introducing real tobacco into vaping products, thereby reducing and eliminating the several differences between smoking a cigarette and vaping.

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