Hey vapers! We hope you had a lovely week, here are the news that made headlines this week.

Burdensome vaping regulation about revenue, not health

Orange County state Legislature will introduce several bills for debate in a special session seeking to equate vapor products, including ecigarettes, with tobacco, ban vaping in vape shops and allow local jurisdictions to tax tobacco.

Mark Burton, the co-president of the Southern California chapter of the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association, argues that vaping regulations being proposed are not intended to protect people’s health but to increase revenue for the states imposing them.

We continue to support sensible regulations, such as prohibitions on selling to minors, reasonable licensing requirements and child-resistant packaging. Extending tobacco regulations and taxes to vapor products is harmful and will only discourage smokers from switching to e-cigs and keep smokers smoking.

Burton stated.

Check out the rest of the story on The Orange County Register.

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More New Yorkers Are Smoking Cigarettes Despite High Cost & Health Risks

According to recent reports, more New Yorkers are smoking. While 16.1 percent of adults were reported to be smokers in 2013, only 14 percentwere smokers in 2010. This increase in smoking is despite a pack of cigarettes selling at $14 in the city nowadays. A new report by the city’s Independent Budget Office blames the increase in smoking on the decline in funding for antismoking ad campaigns.

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