Some Ejuice Flavors Are Worse Than Others. Vaping safe e-juice is a widely discussed topic.

So, are you Vaping safe e-juice? Despite the recent FDA crackdown, vaping is still viewed by many as a safer alternative to smoking. While it is safer, due to the carcinogens inhaled when combusting plant materials, it’s still not wholly safe.Nicotine itself has a risk associated with it: ingesting 50-100mg can be harmful to your body, and any amounts can cause birth defects if used while pregnant.However, it’s important to know that even some vape juices without nicotine can still be dangerous. This is because of a chemical called dactyl.


Popcorn Lung and That Buttery Goodness

Many of the most popular ejuice flavors contain diacetyl, which is the chemical that gives butter its signature taste. Buttery and creamy flavors, as well as those meant to taste like baked goods, most likely contain diacetyl. A Harvard study recently found the chemical in fruit-, candy-, and cocktail-flavored ejuices as well.

Both the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health )NIOSH) have issued warnings about the dangers of inhaling heated diactetyl after workers in factories that manufacture artificial butter flavorings have been diagnosed with bronchitis obliterans.

Despite these warnings for workers, consumers are rarely warned about the presence of this chemical in ejuice, due to lack of federal standards and regulations.


Lack of Real Research

Although diacetyl is so far the only chemical known to be a possible danger to vapers, it doesn’t mean other flavorings are safe. When the FDA designates a flavor chemical Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS), it means it’s approved for ingestion, not inhalation.

There has so far been very little research into the effects of concentrated inhalation of these flavorings, though one can assume at least some of the expense of the FDA’s new regulations will go to pay for such research. Until then, no chemical flavoring can be deemed safe, but diactetyl is for sure unsafe.

Despite these risks, vaping is still a safer alternative to smoking, so long as you perform your due diligence. Only vape ejuices from vendors you trust, who properly label their products and the ingredients in them.