Hello fam! This week we take a look at some of the states and cities that have officially passed laws to ban ecigs. You better read carefully just in case your city or state is among the affected ones.

The City Of Montreal Has Officially Banned E-Cigarettes

The City of Montreal has officially started enforcing an e-cig ban prohibiting city workers from smoking e-cigs in any Montreal-owned building or vehicle. Luckily for now it is just city employees affected by the e-cig ban.

Here are the full details on the MTL Blog.

Council Approves Smoking Ban at All Turlock Parks, Public Facilities

Turlock City Council has unanimously approved an e-cig ban prohibiting smoking and vaping in all Turlock parks, public facilities, and adjacent parking lots. This ban will affect every vaper in the city of Turlock, so better keep your e-cig away from city owned facilities.

Full details on Turlock City News.

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E-cigs are added to Olathe smoking ban

Olathe has officially added e-cigarettes to its smoking ban making it the second city after Overland Park in Johnson County to add e-cigarettes to their smoking ban.

See the full story on The Kansas City Star.

Other cities that have passed e-cig ban include West Springfield  whose Board of Health banned smoking and vaping in many public places, including parks and playgrounds, businesses and near town-owned buildings. Franklin Lakes has also extended its smoking ordinance to e-cigarettes banning vaping in parks, recreational facilities and public buildings. Washington County has also added e-cigs in its tobacco products restriction law that now prohibits use of e-cigarettes and tobacco products in county owned buildings and vehicles.

If you are aware of other cities, counties and states that have officially banned e-cigarettes, do share with our readers so that they too can be aware.